✖BAD news:

  • Just like cars, computers need regular maintenance, we call it "Oil Change"

✔GOOD news:

  • You can Do-It-Yourself without paying others

We educate customers about latest developments in computer industry. We believe that knowledge is power and customers deserve unbiased and most up-to-date information.

We empower customers through free lending of hardware tools and USB-based software packages. We make them free of charge so that customers are able to DIY (Do It Yourself) without paying any service charge.

We perform actual computer repair and maintenance work. We tackle the pervasive problem that is so common in computer services industry: price is high and quality is low.

piece of device, peace of mind

Computer Oil Change recovered my data from a hard crash!

I experienced a hard crash a few years ago which resulted in sending my hard drive somewhere in Texas for a couple of weeks, and the cost was $600 for recovery! Recently Dr. Li recovered my data in just a few days, and at a fraction of the cost. COC wants nothing more than 100% satisfaction for their customers. I definitely recommend Computer Oil Change for your next computer repair.

Tony White, Madison County Deputy Mayor

I want to thank your wonderful customer service! You did what I thought was undoable. You took my personal laptop, which I had forgotten the passwords, and restored it so that I could use them . . . they are just like new! Also, thanks for being so affordable! 

Frank McMeen, President, West Tennessee Healthcare Foundation


I have had the opportunity to use the services of Dr. Li and COC on two occasions. Each time COC has resolved the problem quickly and efficiently. My two experiences with COC have been very positive and I highly recommend the services of COC.

Dan Honeycutt, Medical Doctor at Jackson Clinic

I heartily recommend Max Li's business, Computer Oil Change (a great business name!!).  Max has worked on my computer, and I found him to be extremely knowledgeable.  He is very friendly, works very quickly, and his rates are the lowest that can be found!!!  His work was exactly what I requested, and he suggested improvements that could be made to improve the function of my computer (at no additional cost!).  There is no doubt that I will go return to Max for my next 'oil change'!!

Michael McMahan, retired Biology Professor